Punctuatuions Marks in marathi ना मराठीत विरामचिन्हे म्हणतात. विराम चिन्हाचा वाक्यात योग्य वापर म्हणजे शुद्धलेखन विरामचिन्हाच्या उपयोगामुळे एक वाक्य  संपून दुसरे वाक्य कोठे चालू होते ते कळते आणि वेगवेगळ्या प्रकारच्या वाक्यात कोठे किती थांबावे, आवाजाचा चढ-उतार कसा करावा हे समजते. एखादे चिन्ह चुकीच्या ठिकाणी ठेवल्यास वाक्याचा अर्थ बदलू शकतो.

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Punctuatuions Marks in Marathi


Punctuatuions Marks in Marathi (विरामचिन्हे)

Capital letters ( मोठी अक्षरे )

खालील प्रसंगी Capital letters वापरावीत.

उदा. Sujeet likes to ask questions.

उदा. I am going to school.    /       May I come in, sir?

उदा. Ashwat, Pune, The Himalayas, India, Monday, June, Diwali, The Taj Mahal, The Mahabharat, He Said, “where are you goning?”.

उदा. M.B.B.S., B.E., U.S.A., S.S.C., H.S.C.,

Full Stop पूर्णविराम ( . )

उदा.   Put it Down.

I will play cricket today.

उदा. S.S.C., H.S.C., B.A., B.B.C.

Comma स्वल्पविराम ( , )

उदा. Yes, she is a good girl.

No, he is not a bad boy.

उदा. Sara said to Ashwat ,”Where did you get that money ?”

उदा.  Sara brought tea,milk,coffee and bread.

उदा.Orpheus could sing, couldn’t he ?

Colon अपूर्णविराम ( : )

उदा.These are the important rivers of India : the Ganga , the godavari and the Yamuna.

Semicolon अर्धविराम ( ; )

उदा. She is nervous; therefore she is guilty.

He returned home; he sat thinking over it.

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Question Mark प्रश्नचिन्ह ( ? )

उदा. Nandu asked me,”Where are you going ?”

उदा. Nandu asked me where I was goning.

Exclamation Mark उद्गार चिन्ह ( ! )

उदा. Hello ! How are you ?

Congratulations on your success !

Hyphen आडवी छोटी रेघ ( – )

उदा. King Rana wanted to find out if Vikram-

aditya’s judgement seat was- under the green mound.

Dash आडवी लांब रेघ ( – )

उदा.Socrates- one of the wisest men of the world-was condemned by the Athenian Assembly.

उदा.Children,friends,relatives – all left her.

Apostrophe गलिताक्षर ( ‘ )

उदा.  Cannot – Can’t / Will not – won’t /  Donot  – Don’t / It is sara’s book.

Inverted Commas अवतरण चिन्ह ( ”  ” )

उदा. Ashwat said to the thieves,”Answer my question.”

Caret काकपद (^ )


उदा. Chatrapati shivaji maharaj born at the ^ of shivneri

Punctuate the following :

Q – hey ashwat come here

A -“Hey, Ashwat ! Come here.”

Q-mother asked Seema why did Aarti go to the village

A-Mother asked Seema, “Why did Aarti go to the village?”

Q-is this your school uncle Sujit asked

A-“Is this your school?” uncle Sujit asked.

Q-Would you please show me your pen Rani it looks very beautiful

A-“Would you, please, show me your pen, Rani? It looks very beautiful.”

Q-the lunch room of the teacher

A-the teacher’s lunch room.

Q-my brother and I like watching cricket football hockey and tennis

A-My brother and I like watching cricket, football, hockey and tennis.

Q-tigers elephants deer monkeys and crocodile can be found in corbett national park

A-Tigers, elephants, deer, monkeys and crocodile can be found in Corbett National Park.

Q-what a fantastic show the children put up

A-What a fantastic show the children put up!

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